All CSNY productions are maintained closed sets with no visitors allowed. Shoot days will be limited to 10 hours to allow time for the extra preparations required. There are instructions for every element of production: the setup of production offices, location, travel, castings, and catering. Also included are guidelines to facilitate the movement of cast or crew members with disabilities.


ZONE A - Zone A is any area where any cast member is present, whether working or getting ready. As cast moves throughout the production, the zone may expand or contract. It is restricted to a small, limited number of individuals who need access to the set and to cast members who will be the most vulnerable when out of PPE or when physically distancing is impossible (e.g., when the cast member is being touched up, mic’ed and/or is performing while the camera is rolling). Zone A individuals who are not cast must be in proper PPE AT ALL TIMES.

ZONE B - Zone B is everywhere the production has a footprint that is not Zone A. Use of PPE and stringent physical distancing practices must be observed and enforced within Zone B AT ALL TIMES. Exceptions must be approved by the Director. Zone B includes but is not limited to non-cast base camp(s), vehicle parking, control room/truck, shops, productions offices, costume department, construction mills, work trucks, and locations or stages being rigged, dressed, or struck. 

OUTSIDE ZONE A AND B The outside world (e.g., homes, hotels, wherever team members go when they are not working). This also may include team members who work only remotely, with little or no contact with any other team member in Zones A or B. Periodic, short-duration contact from the outside world to Zone B may happen throughout the workday as in the case with vendors delivering equipment, in which case strict social distancing, PPE and sanitization protocols must be strictly followed.


PPE N95 masks(or KN95 if N95 are not available to the public)AND either goggles face shields are the recommended best standard. (Face shields without a mask are not allowed.) The Production COVIDSafety Plan should clarify which crew members, if any, are exempt from the face shield requirement. Surgical masks, while not ideal, are better than nothing for individuals who cannot wear N95 masks because of sizing or grooming issues. Personal cloth face masks may be acceptable if approved in advance in the COVID-Safety Plan or by the HSS (Gaiters and bandannas are not acceptable).


Absolutely NO VISITORS. All cast and crew must adhere to the Zone System. Important non-production team conversations should be held virtually, never on set. Such representatives exercising their rights to visit workspaces will be subject to the safety guidelines applicable to the Zone they will be visiting.

A Message from the founder:
We here at CSNY will do everything possible, to keep you safe. We would like our clients to also adhere to our Zoning Rules to ensure their safety at all times. Thank you, Let the Production continue. 

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