I'm back! What's up guys. It's been a while. I've took some time away from the nonsense to spend much deserved time with my handsome Marc, good friends and family. -- it was fun! Circling back, My last two post covered some screenshots of harassing messages I've been receiving from the Soulfly Clan. The response have been insane and I'm happy that the word is getting out. So thank you to everyone who's been sharing and sparking the conversation etc.

In todays post, I'm going to be sharing some more screenshots. Here goes.

Remember Xavier Sos, To breakdown my response, Whenever a message would come in from a fake number, Xavier Sos would magically become active on Facebook, isn't that so weird?.. I find that ironic!

After figuring that out, I responded and tagged the New York Police Department in my comment and I did because I'm not scared, I'm not the one using fake accounts to commit a crime. Here's the response.

Crazy right, but here's the part that's even more suspicious. If you know you're innocent, why run? why hide? -- being innocent means, you have nothing to worry about, not for fake Xavier Sos or in this case the many Soulfly Clan fake accounts. After tagging the NYPD because I'm not a scared bitch. The Xavier Sos account was CHANGED to Javier Tomas. HAAA! why the sudden change gloria? Why are you trying to hide? What are you running from? -- and why was that changed made after the NYPD was tagged? Here's proof of change.

Any sane person would say, why the sudden change if you have nothing to hide. By doing that, they only added themselves deeper to the grave, and that's fine with me. Not to be rude but, you know. Moving along. Here are some message I've received over the past two weeks.

I don't even know where to began with this one because it was quite a handful. let's start with "Mess with the tribe get stomped on" REALLY?! The tribe is consist of folks that are brainwashed by a 68 year old Karen. Its a cult! A Clan! -- "Nobody in Soulfly likes u" Well clearly, I think I'm going to be just fine not receiving love from a band that so desperately craves attention, that steals writing credit from well deserved musicians, lies about everything, steal money from fans by not actually playing guitar on stage. Yeah I think I'm good! Moving on!

First look at the time stamp on this message - 10:21am - who wakes up at 10:21am and chooses to harass someone? You have to be mental, a psychopath. Like seriously. But this message I find very funny, I'm so prone to when these message come in, my response are "what do you want gloria" -- its textbook now! Have a laugh!

Apart of all the text messages, I had blocked Xavier Sos that was renamed to Javiar Tomas on Facebook, because after a while, I'm just over it. Upon blocking, about a week later a new fake account popped up (named) Juan Brujo - Ugh enough with the fake accounts Gloria, come on! You're 68 years old! GROW UP! -- Ironic, me saying that because this account was telling me that I need to grow up! REALLY? I find it bazar that fake accounts are telling me to grow up when they are the one sitting behind a FAKE ACCOUNT, they are the ones committing a very illegal crime, but I have to grow up! Yeah okay!

I think Gloria and her Clan are the ones that need to grow up! Don't you agree?! I sure do! Lets continue.. So this next message, I lost my temper! First off, I was told that I'm the worst person ever, I'm disgusting, blah blah -- this coming from a woman and her clan who doesn't even know me!!! -- Let me paint a quick picture, there's me, small town girl, photographer, google my name, record is clean as a whistle. Then google, Gloria Cavalera - Surprise, this isn't her first rodeo!

I don't stand for Defamation of Character - especially for those I care about, I will checkmate you real quick! Marc is the most respectful man you'll ever met, ASK ANYONE they will tell you the same. He doesn't have a rockstar ego, You don't have to pay for a meet and greet to see him, he hangs out after every show. We have worked together to build trust, making our relationship work when he's on the go. -- but obviously this bitch can't see that! I'm also not surprised for someone who's hopped on pills 24/7 oops..

Dating back to today - as I'm writing this and catching you all up. I haven't received anything messages wise etc, because I heard for a trusted source that Gloria Cavalera is feeling the heat from my blogs. GOOD! - Don't play with fire and not expect to get burn!

I never asked for any of this to happen, I also never expected to be writing, but people requested to hear my story and here I am!