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Stalked by the Band | The Supportive comment that became my Nightmare

Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed "Before the Nightmare" -- Now I must warn you, this post is going to be a bit more sensitive with visual proof. Some may have doubts, some may not. Whatever the case may be, this is what happened to me!

Before I get into it, I'd like to give you a run down on who Gloria Cavalera really is! She's the current manager of Soulfly. In my own words, "The Witch of Band Breakups", "The Band ruiner", "The Master of Fake Accounts" okay was that too mean? I don't care, you'll read and see why. Before all of this came about, I had no idea who Gloria Cavalera was, or what she did, nothing. She didn't know me and I didn't know her. Only after I had seen the band for the first time in Brooklyn, that was when I knew this human existed.

Imagine being the MOST hated woman in the Music Industry? I can't even.. As a Music Photographer, in the industry, I do my best to keep my name clean, to be respectful and kind, whiles keeping my head up. A bad reputation can spread, you're done, BLACKLISTED!

In the last post, I mentioned Blabbermouth, the online magazine, yeah! So they ran an article talking about Marc Rizzo leaving Soulfly. In the comment section, I said "Marc Rizzo is the best guitarist" -- Now anyone reading that comment would see that it meant no threat to Marc nor a call out to Soulfly. -- But little did I know, my Facebook account was being watched! Legit stalked. My profile pic was a Photo of Marc and I so they put two and two together, but then again, what give them incentive to harass me? They did because I'm Marcs girlfriend, they did because to get to him, they"ll have to go through me, to destroy him, they"ll have to destroy me, to piss him off, they"ll have to come after me.

Guys, whose got the time for this, from what I've seen and received, it looks like a lot of work to harass someone, all the fake accounts, and burner numbers, it sounds expensive. Haha, seriously, I'm lazy even writing this damn blog.

Cyberstalking is a criminal offense under American anti-stalking, slander, and harassment laws. A conviction can result in a restraining order, probation, or criminal penalties against the assailant, including jail. Oh yeah, it's a very very serious matter, but see the Soulfly camp does not think so because they are too hopped up on drugs to actually see what they are doing is criminal.

Anyways, I don't have all the screenshots in order but, I'm going to be focusing on the ones that have Outed The Cavalera name, display racism, amongst other things.

Lets start this off with a laugh..

Check this one out!

Funny right? Xavier Sos popped out of no where, saying that I'm a witch and that I put a spell on Marc. But the funniest part of this comment was "she did to me back in 02" -- okay, for the record and in my own words.. Back in 02, I was 5 years old, learning ABCs and 123s. I also know that my parents would not have allowed me to be dating at 5 years old so, how could I have possible put a spell on Xavier, I asked myself. Another Part of this comment that struck me was "Ever since you met her your long successful career is going down the drain in a downward spiral she is the reason why!" -- Now that part really pissed me off because, to have the nerves to say something like that knowing Soulfly did nothing for Marc during the pandemic amongst other things really made me heated.

Over the course of being Marc Rizzos girlfriend, and not to brag but I have earn it. I have successfully monetized his Youtube Channel, giving him the chance to make money on everything that he does on the platform, I have also worked analytics on his channel, making his numbers and content reachable to a much vast audience, I have monetized his instagram account, where he's able to make money on his reels -- that's 2 sets of income. Apart from that being a Music Photographer, I have filmed and edited his newly and first ever Music Videos, and have supplied many professional Photoshoots as well as my love and affection..

Lets continue.. Meet Patrica Fz, another Gloria Cavalera Clan!

I'm a mixed woman, Half English, Half Guyanese (South American) some would say, I also look Native American. My complexion is dark brown skin, in the summer I get so dark, I look Sicilian. -- so yes, I have dealt with racism, coming from every angle. HOWEVER! I do not by any circumstances condone it, to happen to me or to anyone else. I don't respect anyone that chooses the path of racism, and Soulfly did! Read the rest...

Crazy right! Now it gets crazier. Imagine waking up one day, receiving death threat in messages. Anyone would freak out. I sure did.. Check these out!

Crazy right!! Can you simply imagine waking up to messages like this, But can you also picture that messages like this is coming from a 68 year old woman sitting at home hopped up on drugs? Fucking insane.

Lets continue.. So upon receiving messages left and right. One day, I received this photo of me that was doctored from one of the fake accounts. Take a look!

Take a moment!... Can you imagine receiving something like this? Think about it, How fucked in the head does someone have to be, to do something like this! You need to be sinister, to even think that doing something like this is okay. Someone with the mentality like this shouldn't be out walking, they should be locked up!!

Moving along, circling back to the racial messages. Check this one out!

I may be wrong, but every man has a type, or not I don't know. Marc ex-girlfriends gravitated more towards Latinas. Nothing wrong with that. I think Latin girls are very beautiful. But that's not really the moral here, Because I'm his current girlfriend and I'm not Latina, that's apparently a problem for Soulfly. I mean, it's laughable! Why should it be a problem if I'm not Latina?..

Fuck it, at least I'm a decent Human being and not the most hated woman In the Music Industry, Gloria!

Anyways.. If you know me, you would know that I'm a fan of Instagram Reels, I found this audio one day and I said to myself "this audio is fucking perfect, for what I'm dealing with" so I went ahead and made the reel.. Here It is, Enjoy..

It worked out so perfectly, after posting that reel about a few hours lately, I received a message and boy, they were not happy! Check it out!

I'm laughing as I type this, tell me I didn't struck a nerve! Of course I did, because that reel expressed everything they are doing behind fake accounts. Maybe Gloria was cheated on before, then again who knows, the woman does have 7 kids, from all different men. That sounds exhausting, but these messages follows the pattern of me being cheated on by Marc, Marc is not obsess with me, Marc is going to do this and that, like shut the fuck up! I know my man, and let me tell you, I hold my man down! okay!!

Let me now show you what I received last night, and today..

Stalked by the Band - Before the Nightmare was posted 2 days ago, and later that night, I received the first set of messages above. "Why do I always feel like somebody is watching me" hmm..

Tonight as I'm writing this blog, I received the next set of messages. Looks like somebody have been reading my blog. Looks like I'm in trouble because I'm exposing the truth! That's because:

I don't stand for harassment, I don't sit around and let bullies win, I don't stand for racism. I'm definitely not going to sit around and let some 68 year old grandma, with baby daddies all around, the most hated, the band ruiner, the pill popper -- Harass me! No!

Phew! With all that being said, I hope this read opened up your eyes to the kind of band Soulfly is, along with the people apart of it. I do not wish this experience on anyone. No one deserved to be harassed.





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