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Stalked by the Band: Before the Nightmare

Dating a musician, yeah.. many ladies have stayed away from the thought of dating someone within the Music Industry for a number of reasons. But some of us are risk takers, like myself.

As a Music Photographer, I try my best to be familiar, get to know all the bands within the industry, but as saturated as it is, it's impossible. 2 years ago, Soulfly came to town. At first I had no idea who and what this band was about, until a friend messaged and said "Hey Soulfly is coming to town, why don't you shoot the show" I said sure why not and then I got connected with the guitarist of the band, Marc Rizzo. We talked and formed a friendship, he got me a PhotoPass and I was on my way to Brooklyn.

Upon arriving, I met a few other musicians, exchange conversations whiles I waited for Marc to come grace me with his presence.... within a few minutes he did! Now not knowing what Soulfly was about or what they even looked like, of course I didn't know what to expect (and no I didn't care to google, I like a good surprise) but when I first saw Marc. I was in heat! So to say.... Out came this handsome man, ripped putting on this gun show. -- We talked until it was his time to go on stage.

It's Showtime - I grabbed a seat on the monitors at the front of the stage, I was granted to get the best seat in the house. Soulfly takes the stage... My camera and I was having such a blast, getting shots, left and right, focusing on the solos from the Master of Solos, the ultimate guitar shredder because he was the only one actually putting on a show, why? Read next paragraph..

The rest of the band was okay, but here's why I said just "okay" -- We have Marc Rizzo, shredding, putting his heart and soul into the strings of his guitar, melting faces, but then we have a kid drummer, who lights up blunts behind the kit whiles a solo is in motion, we have a singer that holds the mic and pretend to strum his guitar, we have the bass player who did a decent job, and the bodyguard. The big "so-called" bodyguard that give everyone dirty looks, including me and then comes the manager - Gloria Cavalera! Remember that name!

To me, a perfect band experience is a band that comes together, knows what they are doing, they're coordinated, supportive of each other, talented all together. Together, bandmates put on a show that leaves their audience wanting more. With Soulfly, I didn't see that, because only one man was actually doing something, and that was Marc. Anyways, the show is over and I stayed back to chat with Marc a bit more... He took me backstage, we hung out, I met a few people and then it was time to go. We hugged goodbye as I give him a kiss to remember me by.. and surely enough he did!!

Let's fast forward, March of 2021 -- Marc and I reconnected. Here comes the Master of Shred back into my life. I was excited to see and hear from him again. We started hanging out more and more, and surely I fell in love. We grew feelings and started dating. I became Marc Rizzos girlfriend. "I said it out loud" I'm Marc Rizzos girlfriend. I'm Proud! Of course, I knew what dating a famous musician entails so I looked past it all because of how much I loved Marc. -- He was still in the band Soulfly, and in the mist of enjoying his company, he had to leave to go record music for Soulfly. (Noticed how I said "Record music FOR Soulfly" and not "WITH Soulfly") Yeah, we're getting to the Juicy part now.

Moving along, Marc and I, happily together, whiles we endure the destruction the COVID-19 Pandemic caused in the Music Industry. It was such a sad sight to see bands not being able to tour, musicians suffering to make ends meet etc. I felt so bad for Marc knowing that Music is his lively hood and it was all on paused. What was much more irritating, was Marcs band at the time Soulfly did not do anything to help. Whiles other bands were doing livestreams, selling merchandise, filing for PPP loans and evenly splitting the money between band member. Soulfly did nothing!

Imagining being in a band, that doesn't care about anyone but themselves! During the Pandemic, Soulfly collected a great sum of PPP loans, which all remained in house for the band. Check this out:

Any decent and sane human being can see that Soulfly collected enough money that could have been split between everyone in the band. Now I've done and received my PPP loan for my small production company, and I personally know that you must have an active LLC to be approved and you are asked "the number of employees" present. So what it seems like to me, is that Marc Rizzo was non-existing to the band at the time of filing. Hmmm..

Upon Marc speaking out about this, he decided to say bye to Soulfly, of course being at his level in his career, the topic gained a lot of attraction. Which caused a lot of backlash from the Soulfly camp. Here's one that caught my eyes:

A perfect example of "putting words into mouth" Max Cavalera, known as "hold the mic and pretend the play guitar" musician claimed that Marc was "let go" -- come on seriously, from a family that is built on lies and destruction, Who the fuck would actually believe that. I stood at Marcs side when he was going through all of this, so if anyone can attest to the fact that Soulfly did not support him during the pandemic, it would be me!

Anyways.. Moving along! We all know Blabbermouth right, the online magazine that blabbers, yes! that one! They ran an article about Marc leaving Soulfly, so being the supportive girlfriend that I am, I commented "Marc Rizzo is the best guitarist" something like that, I truly can't remember. Now little did I know, I was being watched. what once was a supportive comment turned into my nightmare.

Come back for Part 2 - The Supportive comment that became my Nightmare

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