Welcome back, I'm going to go off so hold on tight. Coming from me, dating someone in the Music Industry is a lot to handle. No joke! -- When Marc received NO SUPPORT from SOULFLY! As his girlfriend, I was pissed, because my man didn't receive shit, when in public states with photo proof that The Cavaleras pocked thousand of dollars in PPP loans. I'll provide the proof again below:

All that money, and Marc, didn't see a penny! Listen, Marc can fight his own battles, He's a strong motherfucker, He doesn't need me to step in, but I will and I am, because I'm not going to have a band that's built on LIES, THE SCUM OF THE EARTH, USERS, get away with it. Not today Bitch! -- anyways, word hit the press and an article that caught my eyes, had me heat. Here goes!

Just by reading that title I'm ready to swing, but I'm not going to give them that satisfaction, but REALLY MAX?! He's legit a Prisoner in his own life! A PRISONER! Plus this is massively textbook because GLORIA CAVALERA have done this before with Sepultura. We all know that story, that's why majority aren't going to believe a word that comes out of the mouth of Max and Gloria Cavalera because they are both compulsive liars!

DUDEE!!! Lets break this down.. The Honest way! "He had a mental breakdown" -- Actually, Marc did not have a mental breakdown, I'm living proof to say that because I was present in his life at the time this was all going down. All that Marc stated was FACTS and TRUTH!! There was NO FASLE accusations that was made by Marc Rizzo, sound like Max Cavalera is deflecting.

"tour for three months - go six months without talking" - WHAT? How does that make sense? When you're an active band, Coming home from a Tour, you take, maybe a week, two weeks to rest, then you regroup and start working on New Music, get a new album together, Studio time - You know normal shit bands do! But, not Soulfly.. All in the mist of a Pandemic, not regrouping with bandmates to talk about what the next plans are. Sounds a bit scumbag-ish to me.

"we put him on all the records" - DUDE WHAT!! "Put" -- Let me say that again he said "WE PUT" -- Marc was in the fucking band, he was a member, how the fuck was he PUT ON THE RECORD - When he wrote those Records in and out. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out!

"He's obviously trying to get fans to be against me and make him the victim" - I'm sorry but he doesn't need Marc for people to be against him, His wife, Gloria does a good job at that. Moving on..

As I said, being in a band, you support each other, in times of need, you show support. But when you're a band called Soulfly, you only care about yourself and that's exactly what this band portrays, and quite frankly I don't need to be writing this because if you are a sane, non brainwashed person, you already know the history of the band destroyer. Gloria Cavalera and her Clan, but I'm going to do it anyways..

After a wee year of nothing, Soulfly decided to make a record, Marc was then paid half of what he usually makes to write music for Max Cavalera - "He was paid Half" -- as a member of the band for as many years that he was apart, he was expecting to be paid his FULL payment -- but suddenly he was not, coming from a band that collected a massive sum of PPP loans but still couldn't pay Marc Rizzo, the one that writes the music, carried the band, is the band, half of what he's normally paid. How Rude!

In the midst of the Pandemic, Marc was lucky enough to hit the road and start playing his Solo Shows again. It worked out well, because it was just him, a car, his iPod, his guitar, and his talent. -- Because the Soulfly Clan are greedy, self indulged people, they DID NOT show any support to Rizzo at that time. -- They did not share his Solo tour schedule, announce that their guitarist at the time was hitting the road, go check him out. Nothing! Talk about lack of support from the so-call band that he wrote majority of the music for.

Now, upon stumbling onto this next article, my blood started to boil - FIRST OFF! He was not fired, HE QUIT that bitch! - okay!! HE QUIT!!

"He did not leave the band" - Guys, might I mention again that I was present in Marcs life at the time of this bullshit. I'm living proof! Real Living Proof! -- So again He wasn't fired, He wasn't let go -- HE LEFT! He left because to the lack of support, the multiple lies after lies, conspiracies after conspiracies. -- I'm very much proud of him for making the decision of LEAVING SOULFLY -- It was the best life change, better to get away from drugged out losers, that used him for years for his talents. I can't even fathom, how this family just LIES about everything. Literally everything, and the Cult Tribe are so brain washed, but trust me not for long.

This fight isn't over!

Until Next time