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Hi, I'm Christine Sam. I'm a Multi Published Professional Photographer / Cinematographer. I specialize in Music/Portrait Photography, Music Videos and Lyric Videos of all genres. My sessions are laid back, chilled and very naturally flown. My goal is to capture unique poses with no pressure on being perfect. It is the imperfect that make these sessions so valuable. I love empowering people by showing them their beauty through my lens.

In the depths of the Concrete Jungle called New York City, I have obtained an Associate and Bachelors degree in Photographer - learning all the necessary tools and thirds to make each image produce from my lens the best that it can be.

In my spare time, I like to explore our beautiful earth whiles capturing scenes that takes my breath away, you can find those scenes here: @__explorewithcristine__ 

I hope to see you in my studios, and/or somewhere on earth! Talk soon!

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