CSNYPRO was founded in 2018 by PPA Professional Photographer, Christine Samaroo. The World of Production has changed dramatically over the past years and so did we. CSNYPRO is equipped and qualified to make your dreams a reality. 

We create a wide range of Video/Photographic content, of all fields. CSNYPRO has been creating media content for artists, businesses, corporations, unique beings within the fashion industry, and more all in the creative comfort of our Collaborative Studio, The Cyclorama, utilizing the best camera, lighting, and crew.


"We Came, We Saw, We Captured"


English born, New York City raised Christine Samaroo is ready to change the World of Production. As a young woman living in a competitive world, She is determined to make her mark with her very own founded in 2018 - CSNYPRO PRODUCTION. Christine is a PPA Professional Photographer / Cinematographer, Founder / Editor of Epic Pulse Magazine, Co-Founder / Co-Host of The Caught-Off-Guard Podcast, and The Co-Host of The Eddie Leeway Podcast with Hardcore Legend Eddie Leeway of Leeway NYC / In-House Photographer at The Cyclorama.


Over the past years, Christine has spent continuous time, educating herself, building her business, and creating meaningful networking connections, Christine has obtained a Double Associate Degree in Video Arts & Technology, specifically focusing on TV Studio Production and The Business of Production from The Borough of Manhattan Community College, A Bachelors in General Photography (All that applies) from Marymount Manhattan College and A Masters Degree in Cinematography and Film from Full Sail University. She didn't stop there, Within the course, of The Birth of CSNY, She decided to take on the Music Industry as well. Paving the way into the Industry she has written for Loud Hailer Magazine, Revolver Magazine, Metal Maina and, her very own Epic Pulse Magazine.


Christine: "My love for Creative Arts grew when I picked my first camera, which was a Canon T6 Rebel, I then ventured out into the world of Arts, with this newfound passion I went on to furthering my studies to become more educated/qualified. I never really thought that I would be on the success path that I am today, but I'm very proud of myself and have changed my life completely for the better. I use my knowledge & skills within my creative eye with the help of my gear/s as a way of expressing myself and bringing out the best in my subjects. Through constant research for new techniques and attention to lighting, composition, and detail, I always looking for new and creative ways to bring uniqueness to my work."



CSNYPRO collaborative Studio The Cyclorama is a Well Equipped Sound Stage, fully lit and ready to make your dreams/creative dreams a reality. 


The Cyclorama welcomes artists of all different backgrounds/talents. "It is the aim of the Cyclorama to cultivate a thriving artist community where there is a revolving door of creativity and inspiration".

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The Cyclorama follows and Enforces CDC Laws to ensure your safety and the safety of Crew.

All CSNYPRO Production sets are CLOSED sets - Only Clients and Crew are permitted in the Main Filming area in the durations of an Active set. See CSNY Production Set Policy Here

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